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Unlock the power of subconscious mind in 5 MINUTES try this.


we're gonna summarize the power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy

Unlock the power of subconscious mind in 5 MINUTESby Joseph Murphy
And this is one of my favorite subjects not just one of my favorite books but one of my favorite subjects in the world because at the end of the day your subconscious mind is what is in control it's what's allowing you to act and behave how you're acting and behaving regularly now our conscious mind is extremely powerful but if we can't learn to use our conscious mind to program our subconscious mind

we end up in this state where we don't achieve many of the things that we want because what we're doing is we're thinking about what we want what our actions and behaviors are misaligned because our subconscious is actually in control but we can when we can program our subconscious mind

to take the actions and behave the way we want we automatically start to attract what we want we automatically start to do th…

100 Dollars Startup Book Summary Is So Famous, But Why?

100 dollars startup Book summary by Chris Gillebeau Learn How to create a successful business. Image credit goes to - 100pagerule(Instagram profile)

(You can read this blog post in 5-6 minutes and you can take away the valuable secret formula from this book 100 dollars startup)
So let us start...

Chris Gillebeau say about the hundred dollar startup is a business-centric book whose aim is to help prospective entrepreneurs become aware of the challenges that come with creating a successful small business that generates enough money to allow the entrepreneur to escape the nine-to-five rat race and start living a rich life the new reality is that working at a job may be the far riskier choice

The book shares the following main ideas number
.( one passion + good business) the sense is the magic formula for success.

1.( one passion + good business) the sense is the magic formula the missing piece is that you usually don't get paid for your hobby itself you get paid for helping other people…

5 Reasons why you should read the success principles book

Jack Canfield who is the best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul has written a book called the success principles where he details everything that he knows about being successful now it is a very detailed book but I'm going to give you the top five success principles that I got from the book.

5 Reasons why you should read the success principles book .
(1) Number one 99% is hard but a hundred percent is easy.( "From The Success principal book")

Jack Canfield says that committing to anything only 99% of the time is more difficult than committing to something 100% when you come at only 99 percent you're leaving a little bit of doubt in your mind it's going to cause you to lose pressures of willpower throughout the day let me give you an example if you commit to exercising only 99% of the times every day you're going to have a mental battle about whether or not you want to exercise and sooner or later you're going to falter but if you come at a 100% it …

Get Rich by Compound Effect Book Summary by Darren Hardy.

Get Rich by Compound Effect Book Summary by Darren Hardy. ( You can read This in 6-7minutes only)
Introduction Part
compound effect is a great book when getting started into self-development because it lays the foundation for understanding how your small choices can end up making very large impacts on your life 

(1) so the first big idea (Compound Effect)
I want to talk about is something he calls the magic penny in the book Darren Hardy explains the idea of compound interest using the magic penny idea the basic idea is that when looking at these two optionswhich one looks more attractive three million dollars right now or a penny that doubles in value every day for 31 days you might have heard this before and if you haven't you probably would have picked the three million dollars just because you don't know the power of compounding interest after 31 days the penny choice is now worth five point three million dollars almost double the first option we can compare this growth to ou…

10 life lessons that we will learn from Confucius.

10 life lessons that we will learn from Confucius. 10 life lessons that we will learn from Confucius.Confucius was one of the best Eastern philosophers of all time, whose teachings deeply influenced East Asian life and thought. His philosophical movement, Confucianism, emphasizes morality, honesty, the importance of social relationships and the belief that man is fundamentally good and capable of changing, evolving and improving. So here are 10 lessons we can all learn from one of China’s most iconic historical figures.

1. Learn to see the beauty in everything Confucius says“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” In today’s world, our life is mostly made up of routines and patterns. Many of us live according to the rules that are socially acceptable, within the realm of our comfort, while living repetitively and dreaming of ways to escape. In the modern business of life, it's hard to appreciate the everyday beauty. Many things in life can irritate you like traffic, yo…